Past Replies

Sl.No Questionnaire Question about File reference number View/Download
1  Mr.Sibu george  JNIS Stadium  common area and parking area 4841/AO/2016/GCDA View/Download
 2  Mrs.Licy C J Marine drive helipad  ground rent and helium baloon  2357/AO/2017/GCDA View/Download
3  Mr.Cheshayer K T  New chair purchasing in JNIS Kaloor 1978/AO/2017/GCDA View/Download
4  Mr.Jayakumar R Tender amount and details 1972/AO/2017/GCDA View/Download
5  Mr.Praveen K High court orders 3134/AO/2017/GCDA View/Download
6  Mrs. Divya P G  Staff strength in GCDA office 2584/IO/2017GCDA View/Download
7  Mrs.Treesa Antony  Rent of B1106,1107 rooms in JNIS 1827/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
8  Mr.Cheshayer K T  Estimate amount JNIS new chair purchase 1978/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
9  Mrs. Jayasree Jayaprakash   2002/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
10  Mr.K V Gopi  Recipt details 2194  GCDA 2076/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
11  Mr.Immanual T Lawrance  Elamkulam west DTP Scheme 2257/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
12  Dr. May Mathew  reply about request in 11/4/17 3088/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
13  Mrs. Jayasree Jayaprakash  Sale deed of house plot at panambilly nagar housing scheme 3220/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
14 Mrs. Kumari mohan    4152/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
15  Mr.Vishnu prathapan  Panampilly nagar shopping complex plan 3835/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
16  Mr.Balakrishnan  Town planer post  3541/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
17  Mr.Ashmam C M Post details DTP,TP,ATP 3540/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
18  Mr.A J Paul  Kadavanta market shop detils 3539/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
19  Mr.A X Gilbert  Tax details LAR case 3473/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
20  Mr. S rajan  JNIS water supply details 3413/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
21  Mr.M A Francis  Kadavantra market rooms 3399/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
22  AD.P R Jayakrishnan  Posting order and ddetails of secreatary 3319/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
23  Mr.K O Johny  G.O. and Planing layout 3295/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
24  Mr.P N Vinod kumar  Sketch  3239/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
25  Mr.K T Cheshire Panampilly nagar shopping complex alotee details  8096/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
26  Mrs.Stanly Vargease  Surya enclave appartment  and parking area 73/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
27  Mr.K T Cheshire  Water treatment plant cunsultancy tender - JNIS Kaloor 159/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
28  Mr.Jaison  Surya enclave appartment plan copy 927/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
29  Mr. Nipin P J   1239/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
30   Mr. Nipin P J   1248/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
31  Mr.K T Cheshire

Purchase of furniture items to chairman’s quarters

1658/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
32  Mr. Muhammad Thammem Complaint of Muhammad Thammem 1705/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
33  Mr.K T Cheshire  Land selling rules of GCDA 1851/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
34     2063/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
35  Mr.K T Cheshire  Land take over between GCDA and Kochi corporation  7921/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
36  Pubic information officer ,tripunithara corporation  Request on 14/12/16 7732/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
37  Mr. N M Nahas  OS 1 Room maintenance 7801/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
38  Mr. N M Nahas  Copy of  file  3480/Estate/B2/2015/GCDA 7802/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
39  Mr.P Rasheed  28706/16  rit pettition on high court 7805/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
40  Mr.Shimon_N_X  Office staff working time 7869/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
41  Mr. Albert_james  Allotment of Kiosk in Panampilly Nagar to KashyapSaigal 72/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
42  Mr. P K Rajan  Shop alotted  to near  Mazhavil bridge Marine drive  88/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
43  Mrs. Vilsey_varghese  Mudra dance school alotment  191/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
44  Mr.K T Cheshire  JNIS Buliding cost and details  200/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
45  Mr.K T Cheshire  GCDA and Lions club lease  1094/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
46  Mr.R Lalu  Meeting minutes 6/5/15 to 26/11/15 1153/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
47   Mr.K T Cheshire  Elamkulam west DTP Scheme panampilly nagar 1308/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
48   Mr.K T Cheshire  Employee promotion  details  1309/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
49  Mr.Abdul_rasheed  Portable bunk tender details on CMDS complex 1458/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
50  Mr.Ramesan_K_A  Appoinment of Nitha Ramachandran 1531/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
51  Mr. A K Jayan  Elamkulam west DTP survey no:724,944 details 1537/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
52  Mrs.Treesa_antony  Shops JNIS B1105,1105A rent detils 1659/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
53  Mr. V S Athyaman   300/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
54  Commision secratary State RTI   1487/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
55 Mr.Givin P G Vacany in draftman/overseer grade 2 4638/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
56 Mr.K T Cheshire GCDA AMC contract 2014 4654/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
57 Mr.joseph kailath Drawings 4724/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
58 Mr.Siyad A Plot details 402 panampilly nagar 5172/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
59 Chairman , Heart care foundation  10/3/2016 recipt no 13712 details 3734/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
60 Mr. P K Ashokan Cpoy of meeting minutes Executive committee 3742/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
61 Dr.May Mathew

file no 5951/PL1/15/GCDA details

3858/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
62 Mr.P A Siddique

Ernakulam CMDS shops lease detils 

3870/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
63 Mrs. Sumitha S

Tender opening at 31/1/17

3905/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
64 Mr. V S Boban

Pension details as per the order on 20/1/17

3919/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
65 Mr. Bijoy jose

Pension details as per the order on 20/1/17

3920/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
66 Mr.Joseph Kailath


4026/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
67 Adv.P R Jayakrishnan   4481/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
68 Mr. E X Judson Plot no 12b details  5064/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
69 Dr.May Mathew file no 5951/PL1/15/GCDA  current file and note file 3058/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
70 Mr. Balakrishnan O ATP By promoton employee details 3743/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
71 Mr. C Krishnan Application recived on 13/9/2017 7263/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
72 Mr.Babith baby 108/3b property details 6748/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
73 Mr.Shajan K K Tenders in between 1/1/12-12/8/17 6579/io/2017/GCDA View/Download
74 Mr.Cheshaire K T FIFA under 17 work details 6567/IO?2017/GCDA View/Download
75 Mr. samuval Baby map copy 6272/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
76 Mr. P K Chandrashekaharan Corparation election Div 26-50  6238/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
77 Mr.Midhun N S rent detils SMEC Automation 6212/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
78  Mr. E X Judson 906/1 GCDA owned area 6103/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
79  Mr.Vinod D  Satalite city at tripunithura 6098/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
80  Mr.Manoj N R  Temporary employees at GCDA office 5754/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 81 Mr. Johnson John Panampilly nagar shopping complex room 27-28 details  5604/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download 
 82 Mr. Biju K A Kanayannur village survey no 443/34 details 5384/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 83 Mr. Jose EWS 824 7350/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 84  Mr/ P K Chandrashekharan Attachment 7217/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
85 Mr/ P K Chandrashekharan Attachment 6238/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
86   Mr.Cheshayer K T  2015-16 Audit report 7359/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 87 Mr.Premachandran Staff details  7404/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 88 Mr. R Vijayan Attachment 6703/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 89  Mr. A  Ibrahimkutti Attachment  7414/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 90  Mr.Cheshayer K T Tender taken by Prince  T Antony  7694/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
91  Mr.Abdulbari D M  To settle appel  6176/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
92  Mr.Muhammad thamim JNIS 1105 room details 7782/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 93  Mr. E B Suresh Babu  Mavelipuram housing project details  7782/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 94  Mr. Vindo C land acquisition  7390/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 95  Mr. Ebnesar C L Attachments  6892/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
96 Mr.Muhammed thamim Kaloor JNIS shop no 1105A,B  Details  9462/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
97 Mr.Kottathal Vijayan Attachments  8288/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
98 Mr.Sumesh T.B Lease lead no 1173/16 Agreement  9044/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
99 Mr._Judeson Attachments 9896/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
100 Mrs.Geetha 2013-15 TP details 9915/IO/2017?GCDA View/Download
101 Mr.Albert james  Studio -9  panambilly nagar 8087/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
102 Mr. Vijayan kottathala Town and country planning rules  8288/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
103 Mr.T R Many Town planner   8334/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
104 Mr.Gillbert Attachment 8335/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
105 Mr.Gillbert Attachment 8336/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
106 Mr.Gillbert K K Road 8338/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
107 Mr.Gillbert survey No.330/14 of Elamkulam Village 8339/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
108 Mr.Gillbert Furnish the copy of the order exempting lands from survey No.330/3, 330/13, 330/7, 330/4 8340/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
109 Mr.Gillbert altering the alignment of Kaloor-Kadavanthra road 8341/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
110 Mr.Gillbert exemption order granted to proprietor Maharaja Super Market
for an extent of one acre of land from survey No.330/11
8342/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
 111  Mr.Orien Thomas  Elamkulam west 904/4þ   8536/IO/2017/GCDA DowViewnload
 112  Mr.Roxson Akhil  FIFA U-17 World Cup   9278/IO/2017/GCDA View/Download
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