laser show


Multimedia lasershow at Rajendramaidan has been temporarily stopped due to Covid -19 pandemic.

Under the aegis of the Greater Cochin Development Authority, an eye-catching world- class multimedia Laser Show called “Rainbow Sundance” has been set up at the Rajendra Maidan in Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea.
The 800 –odd seating capacity in the open-air auditorium enables visitors to relish the grandeur of Kochi’s backwaters and encompasses the specially – designed 70 ft x 30ft water cess pool.
This electrifying show of laser beams, foot-tapping music and gyro- synchronized psychedelic lighting set in a theatrical background of smokescreens, uses over 200 special lights with an array of pressure pumps that are synchronized to perform water dances in rythym with the music and lights up to 90 feet, thus presenting an aura of awe and wonderment never before seen in this city.
Showcases only in Malaysia & Singapore so far, this extravaganza will go down in the annals of Kochi as the largest water dance show ever seen in Kerala.
Coupled with the thundering voice of Bharat Mammotty, the graceful and fluidic free flowing dance movements of Rima Kallingal, thundering rock music from Bijipal, songs from tenors like Santhosh Varma, screen play by Ashiq Abu and John Paul, Rainbow Sundance will make your experience in this hi-tech extravaganza most unforgettable.
GCDA is honoured to welcome you to this fabulous show which will remain in your memories for a long time to come.

The show lasts 50 minutes and starts ever day at 7.00 pm.
Rates:- Adults: Rs. 100/- each
Children (5 years to 12 years):- Rs. 50/- each

On public holidays, depending on popular demand, one nore show can be organized.
Special rates on offer for School/College children, Tourists, Wedding parties and birthday parties.