JNI Stadium,FIFA U 17 World cup related works



1) Kaloor JNIS - Providing air conditioning at required spaces.


2) Construction of drain and cover slab at JNIS, Kaloor.


3) Consultancy services for providing air conditioning at required spaces at JNIS, Kaloor.


4) Kaloor JNIS - Leakage arresting through roof gutters above competition area (A,H,G Sector)and seating element gaps of competition area.


5) Consultancy service for upgradation of the existing fire fighting system installed in JNIS Kaloor.


6) Detailed consultancy services including design drawing estimating, preparation and scrutiny of tender documents,supervision and advice for the modernization of the existing STP of 150m3/day capacity installed in JNIS,Kaloor .


7) Providing dressing cum seating cupboard for players room.


8) Providing additional height to the existing handrails in gallery at JNIS,Kaloor.


9) Renovation of natural grass turfing at JNIS,Kaloor for FIFA U-17.


10) Structural maintenace of A-H sectors and pump house.


11) Electrification of store room cum toilet blocks at JNIS,Kaloor.


12) Providing 6nos 4TR tower A.C units for press  conference room.


13) Electrical work JNIS Kaloor.


14) Water proofing work in expansion joint of competition area at JNIS Kaloor.


15) Expression of interest for design ,supervision and expert advice on renovation of Field of play including natural surface,sub base,irrigation,drainage and all other Auxillary works at JNIS Kaloor.


16) Modification of existing STP at JNIS,Kaloor.


17) Construction of toilet for accreditation  centre at JNIS Kaloor.


18) Temporary lighting arrangements at JNIS parking area for FIFA match.


19) Dismantling and reinstallation of pump panels of  JNIS.


20) Repair works and AMC of lift at JNIS Kaloor.


21) Providing 12mm glass door at players entry area.


22) BM and BC works for ring road around JNIS Kaloor.


23) Fixing chairs in connection with FIFA U-17,JNIS.


24) Renovation and replacing of water supply and pumping lines at JNIS,Kaloor.


25) Supply ,Installation ,testing and commissioning of fire protection system for the JNIS Kaloor.


26) Cleaning outside drain and clearing the Blocks JNIS.


27) Maintenance of existing 750 KVA Generators at JNIS.


28) Yard development by using quarry muck at JNIS Kaloor parking ground (East and West side).


29) Competition area additional works ,JNIS.


30) FIFA U-17 World Cup providing temporary structure for accreditation centre.


31) Renovation of plumbing lines and Toilet block at JNIS ,Kaloor in connection with FIFA U-17 World Cup matches.


32) Renovation works at competition area in connection with U -17 World cup matches,JNIS.


33) Emergency maintenance of main control panel and replacing of damaged switches at JNIS,Kaloor.


34) Table to media room-supply order ,JNIS,Kaloor.


35) Beautification work at JNIS ,Kaloor in Kochi.


36) Preventive maintenance of flood lights nd connected electrical system.


37) Painting works in connection with U-17 Foot ball World cup, JNIS Kaloor.