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Bharatheeyam 2014, the ten day cultural programme, concluded with a flourish on 28th of December, 2014. Hosted jointly by Greater Cochin Development Authority Recreation Club and Kerala Tourism Department, the exhibition cum cultural festival was the first of its kind in India, organized to promote tourism and national integration. Bharatheeyam was yet another reason for domestic and international tourists to visit Kochi and Kerala, which saw a tourist inflow of 1.5 million during the previous tourist season. Aimed to promote an arena for unifying talents from various states and facilitate cultural exchange, it was an important achievement for national integration. GCDA and Kerala Tourism Department worked in tandem to bring in renowned artists in various fields to showcase a grand spectacle for the tourists. The ensemble of stars included Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, Usha Uthup, Pandit Ramesh Narayan, Krishnakshi Kasyap, Guru Manoranjan Pradhan, and many artists from states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala etc., took part in the festival.