Aluva witnesses a heavy traffic congestion during the major part of the day making it uneasy for the commuters, both physically and mentally. In order to find a solution to this, GCDA had proposed this project in which a detailed study would be conducted by an expert agency and solution to reduce the traffic congestion shall be recommended. GCDA had selected NATPAC as the agency for the study but work order has not been issued as Aluva MLA Sri Anwar Sadath had informed GCDA that the study shall be taken up using some other fund.

Later, by considering the requests of merchant associations, area councilor and opinions from various socio-cultural-business personalities, it was decided to study the feasibility of bridge at Kadathu kadavu across the periyar river connecting the Bank Jn and Paravur Jn. There after EoI has been invited from competent Govt agencies such as NATPAC, KITCO for the feasibility study. The received EoIs under the evaluation procedure.