Marine Drive Maidan has been identified as the ground for the installation of the Tethered Helium Balloon. About 50 cents of land near to the Helipad will be required for the installation and its operation. No buildings will be constructed in the site. The facility will have passenger carrying capacity of 30 nos. and the ascension height will be a maximum of 300
project is also proposed to be taken up on PPP mode. The Project Development partner will have to Built, Operate and Maintain the facility for a minimum period of 10 years and pay to GCDA a minimum annuity sum of 30 % of their revenue. The development partner will be identified through competitive bidding.


Marine Drive Maidanis the site selected for the project
Siteis located at the northern end of the maidan
It measures 3600 sqm with 60m side mesurements
On west side of the site is walk way and the backwaters and on the eastern side is Shanmughom road
Ample parking is available in the Marine Driveground



The land will be provided by authority and investor shall install the TETHERED HELIUM BALLOON of certified capacity of 30 passengers.
Investor shall operate & maintain it for 20 years from cod and transfer the facility back to GCDA after the contract period.
Investor has to pay an annual license fee to GCDA.


Permissive possession of the site will be granted to the investor.
Investor has to secure at its own cost, due approval from the appropriate authorities including Aviation Authority.
Shallhave to commence commercial operations within 180 days of sigining of agreement.
Operational hours shall be in daylight and twilight.
Approximate project cost: 15 Cr


Kochi's to have the first helium balloon in south india.
It provide a 360° panoramic view of the city.
It will be value added tourist attraction to the city.