Organisational Setup

             The organisation is divided in to various departments and sections for administrative convenience.

Administration Department

              The Administration Department function as the Coordinating agency between various departments for expeditious disposal of the business and it exercises general supervision and control and enforces discipline.

This department is functioning under the control of an Administrative Officer. The entire matters are to be placed before the Executive Committee and General Council of GCDA and routed through this department. Establishment & General Section, Office Section, Record Section, Library etc. have been working under this department.

A Legal Section is also functioning under the Administration Department and it deals with all cases arising from the matters dealt with by GCDA except Land Acquisition cases. During the period under report a total number of cases were disposed off and numbers of cases are pending as on before the Hon'ble Supreme Court, cases in High Court cases in lower courts and cases in Legal Forum. A statment showing the details of the strength of staff as on 31.3.2011 is appended.

Estate Wing

The Estate Wing is responsible for the proper management of all its properties viz., land and buildings. The main functions of this wing are allotment/disposal of land, houses, shops and office spaces, allotment of various grounds/stadium, taking possession of acquired land etc. Assignment of puramboke land, execution of mutual exchange deed/negotiated purchase, rehabilitation of Kudikidappukar and small holders, mutation and land acquired by the Authority etc. under various schemes are also the main functions if this wing. This wing is also responsible for attending LARs/LAAs cases filed against acquisition of land under various schemes. In the year under report a total amount of Rs. have been given towards compensation to land owners, including expenses for LAR cases in various courts. The total income received from plot allotments and the total rent collected from the allotment of various grounds and play ground during the year under report are Rs. Lakhs and Rs. Lakhs respectively.

Planning Department

The Planning Department is under the control of Senior Town Planner and the general administration of this Department is under the supervision of one Section Officer. The Planning Department of GCDA has been actively involved in the scrutiny of building plans. Preparation of project reports, investigation of new schemes and projects, architectural designing of building including the MP, MLA fund works, landscape designing of parks and grounds, giving technical guidance to local bodies, carrying out scientific study on relevant themes applicable to Greater Cochin area, and other work entrusted to GCDA by Government from time are being dealt in this department. Preparation of Detailed town planning Department/Corporation/Municipality for preparation of master plan for Kochi.
Efforts are also made for introducing new concept like Transferable Development right (TDR)/Accommodation Reservation /Land pooling the town planning projects by this department.
The planning Department of GCDA is also involved in the scrutiny of building plans(presently Marine drive and building applications before road committee)and this department issues No Objection Certificate for land transactions/developmental activities.Land survey,lay out preparation etc.are also being done in this department.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is functioning under the control and guidance of superintending Engineer .There are four division under this department .the administration of this department is under the supervision of one section officer and the drawing branch is under one head draftsman. Various schemes proposalsof GCDA formulated by this planning Department are implemented by the Engineering Department.

Finance &Accounts Department

The finance and accounts Department is instrumental in raising the required funds for the Authority from Government and other financial institution like banks, HUDCO, KURDFC etc. This department manages the financial resources of the Authority for the effective implementation of the various scheme proposals and infrastructural development projects envisaged in the annual budget of the authority.
Rent from various commercial spaces, monthly installment of housing loans and enhanced land compansation, monthly installment of various housing schemes, income from sale of plots under various schemes, centage charges, and interest from deposits etc.are the main source of income for the Authority.

in order to cope with the growing responsibility in the collection of rent of the shops and the other commercial spaces, installment of housing schemes, collection of installment of housing loans etc.two other sections viz.Revenue and Loan were organized under the immediate supervision of the 3 section officers. For speedy disposal of the files relating to various housing scheme a separate cell viz.Revenue closing cell has also been created under the direct supervision of two section officers. The said two sections and the Revenue closing cell are coming under the Finance and Accounts Department and this department is under the charge of one Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO).