Ongoing Projects


           Renovation of Footpath and Rising of Drain in Kaloor Kadavanthara Road  (Remaining



               AS.NO      :- GO(Rt) No.2100/2018/LSGD dated 30/07/2018

           Present Status :- Work(Remaining) Under tender Process.


K.K road is a major arterial road of Kochi city. As this is the case there are many residential buildings, commercial buildings, worship centres, etc. along the side of this road. Major commercial buildings including BISMI Hypermarket, Fridge House etc., Worship centres like Kavalakkal Temple, St. Xavier's Church etc. and banks like SBI, IOB.CBOI, Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI, Grand Bank etc. and other public sector organisations are situated along this route. Hence it is understood without much description that apart from the numerous vehicles plying along this road there are large number of pedestrians along this road each day. The situation of the vehicular traffic has changed during the last few years. Different from past years, it has become difficult for pedestrians as the density of vehicle has increased and still increasing. Hence GCDA has already constructed footpath and drain on the west side of K.K road from Kadavanthra junction to Kumaranasan junction by its own fund. Now the objective of the project is to construct this footpath and drain for the east and west sides of K.K road from Kadavanthra to Kaloor junction. It is necessary to renovate the footpath on ROB which is in detrimental state. This project would be a great relief for the pedestrians using K.K Road. Also the aesthetic appearance of Road will be enhanced.Remaining portion of this work is under tender process. 


          Construction of 2BHK Housing Complex for GCDA under Life Mission Kerala,at West

          Rameswaram, Fort Kochi, Ernakulam District


Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA) has decided to rehabilitate families of P&T Colony living along Perandoor canal as a part of slum rehabilitation. The project  is proposed under the life mission scheme of the state Government for the homeless. GCDA proposed to construct 82 dwelling units for the beneficiaries covered under the Life Mission project and allocated its own land having an extent of 70 cents at Rameswaram. Building permits and administrative sanction has been obtained. Life mission has granted Rs 10.5 lakhs / unit and additional Rs 1.5 lakhs/ unit has been granted under PMAY(U) scheme, balance fund will be mobilized by GCDA from CSR fund and sponsorships. GCDA is executing the project through TDLCCS.




In order to manage the assets of GCDA efficiently and accurately a project named “Digitization of Assets and Computerization of Records” has intiated by GCDA. The project is to map all its assets including Land Parcels and Buildings using Q-GIS software in-house and the details of the assets (around 23 columns) will be given as attributes to each asset. The records has already been collected and computerised and the mapping of the land parcels are completed The attributes from the planning dept. are incorporated and waiting for the information from Estate Department and Village offices (Revenue Dept) . The aim is to put all the information in webGIS



The Eco Tourism Village project is proposed in 12.7 acres of land owned by GCDA in Rameswaram DTP scheme area. For effective utilization of land for environment friendly eco-tourism project it was decided to conduct detailed study regarding the project. The land is marshy and is habitat of different species of mangroves. The land is under CRZ-IA and this zone is prohibited for certain type of construction. Under this circumstances GCDA submitted a request to Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority (KCZMA) to change this zone to CRZ-II. But the request was declined by KCZMA and they have not changed the land to CRZ-II. Now, GCDA again approached  KCZMA, then GCDA was asked to present the matter during the hearing which is going to conduct soon.